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Center for Sustainability Law Helping to Beat Monsanto in the Food Fight

Center for Sustainability Law is happy to be featured in the below The Nation Magazine article about the fight against Monsanto and Big Chemical corporations in Oregon. Last year, we gave it our all to educate and stand up against Oregon’s Monsanto Protection Act. In the end the bill passed in the special session after much $ and pressure from Big Ag. In spite of that, we’re still here working hard everyday with communities who haven’t given up and continue

2/27: Panel discussion Wake Up Before It’s Too Late, GMOs don’t feed the world, Small Organic Farmers Do: Oregon Perspectives

Join us for a panel discussion: Wake Up Before It’s Too Late, GMOs don’t feed the world, Small Organic Farmers Do: Oregon Perspectives at the 32nd Public Interest Environmental Law Conference. Date: Thursday, 2/27 Time: 4-5:15 Location: University of Oregon Campus, Erb Memorial Building (EMU): Maple room, 228 University St, Eugene, OR 97403 Free event and open to public. Oregon is home to many small organic farmers. The newly released United Nations report titled, “Wake Up Before It’s Too Late,”

Activists highlight food issues

A march to raise awareness of environmental and health dangers of GMOs is held in Eugene About 200 residents took to the streets in Eugene on Saturday to raise awareness about what they say are the health and environmental dangers of food that has been altered in the laboratory. The march began at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza downtown and ended a few blocks south, at First Christian Church, where a panel of local activists discussed the issues surrounding

Oct. 12: March Above & Beyond Monsanto

“March Above And Beyond Monsanto, for Food Freedom!” toward solutions discussed at panel/work party event  ” Tools and Tactics for Sustainable Food Systems“ On Saturday, October 12, Lane County residents will participate in the worldwide “March Against Monsanto” for World Food Day.  Over 275 cities around the world are scheduled for events on the same day.  In Eugene, we will hold a joyful celebration of sustainable agriculture dressed in Franken, mad scientist and veggie themes. This time we march toward

CSLaw on Food Rights in Eugene Weekly

The Center for Sustainability Law’s Executive Director, Melissa, Wischerath was quoted on local food rights in the September 26 Eugene Weekly.  Wischerath noted problems with the resurrected Oregon Senate Bill 633, which would remove the ability of local governments to make laws on seeds and their products.  From the Weekly: “While the supposed reason for preempting local control, according to environmental attorney Melissa Wischerath, is to ensure that genetically modified (GM) crops can be grown, SB 633 goes beyond that


Melissa Wischerath of the Center for Sustainability Law participated in a panel discussion with farmer Tom Hunton and Scott Bates of GMO Free Oregon after a screening of the film GMO OMG by Jeremy Seifert.  The panel was moderated by Grant Butler, food and entertainment writer for The Oregonian.  The event was sponsored by So Delicious, who provided everyone with tasty dairy-free treats and wonderful wine was provided by King Estate Winery.  The event was a success, selling out all

5/16/2013: Eugene Weekly, Will Oregon Protect Monsanto

There’s a “Monsanto protection act” in the Oregon Legislature, and opponents say that due to its vague language its repercussions could affect not only seed growers but also city and county governments managing vegetation. SB 633 passed out of the Oregon Senate May 1 on a 17-12 vote. Sen. Floyd Prozanski and Chris Edwards voted against it. Melissa Wischerath and Mary Beth Williams of the newly formed, Eugene-based Center for Sustainability Law are concerned about SB 633. Wischerath says the

Thousands March Against Monsanto; keynote by CSLaw’s ED

On a national day of action with more than 2 million participants around the US, 2500 people are estimated to have turned out in Eugene for the local March Against Monsanto.  Melissa Wischerath, Executive Director of the Center for Sustainability Law, joined other local leaders from GMO Free Oregon and Food Democracy Lane County.  Read the full story at the Eugene Weekly or from a PDF.