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Children’s Federal Climate Lawsuit

LANDMARK U.S. FEDERAL CLIMATE LAWSUIT “[This is] the most important lawsuit on the planet right now.” – Bill McKibben & Naomi Klein In 2015, twenty-one youth from across the United States, age 8 to 19, filed a landmark constitutional climate change lawsuit against the federal government in the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon. Also acting as a Plaintiff is world-renowned climate scientist Dr. James E. Hansen, serving as guardian for future generations and his granddaughter. Their complaint asserts that, in causing

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Basic legal services for farmers and smallholders campaign: Center for Sustainability Law provides effective and creative legal services to small farmers and heritage based businesses. CSLaw helps those dedicated to sustainable land practices navigate constantly shifting legal terrains so that they may comfortably manage whatever legal problems come their way. Our “Basic Legal Services for Farmers Campaign” helps small farmers, landowners, and organizations navigate basic legal services. We help those dedicated to sustainable land practices navigate constantly shifting legal terrains so

Mission of CSLAW

We are an environmental advocacy organization based in Eugene, Oregon working to secure sustainable land use, food systems and property rights for all by ensuring that underrepresented peoples have their voices heard in negotiations over the world’s increasingly limited natural resources. Through this work we catalyze local adaptation and resiliency in the face of changing property, land use and regulatory issues; changes which can destabilize their connected physical, economic, and ecological health and wellbeing.  

Center for Sustainability Law Helping to Beat Monsanto in the Food Fight

Center for Sustainability Law is happy to be featured in the below The Nation Magazine article about the fight against Monsanto and Big Chemical corporations in Oregon. Last year, we gave it our all to educate and stand up against Oregon’s Monsanto Protection Act. In the end the bill passed in the special session after much $ and pressure from Big Ag. In spite of that, we’re still here working hard everyday with communities who haven’t given up and continue

Peak Soil?

A recent article in the Ecologist is a must read for everyone who eats. All too often we forget about soil as having the same value as trees or water or other highly valued natural resources. Soil may in fact be the most important resource because it sustains us, and on top of that it retains 10x more carbon than our forests. “Peak soil may be upon us, yet we know enough to start reversing the damage. With the right