Wake Up Before It’s Too Late: GMO’s don’t feed the world, Small Organic Farmers Do

The domestic and export food policies of the United States, especially the agency responsible for biotechnology regulatory services, USDA APHIS, must change in order to respond to the social and environmental problems identified in the newly released United Nations report titled, “Wake Up Before It’s Too Late.” To do otherwise would be unconscionable. Mounting evidence reveals that our current policies will guarantee a future where the world’s poor are left hungry and unable to participate in a system increasingly tailored to the interests of major chemical and biotechnology corporations. As this report demonstrates, we need a systemic overhaul that promotes organic small farming over the interests of chemical-based corporate monoculture farming. It’s time to shift our priorities and fund programs that support the world’s peasant farmers, small farmers and family farmers. Let’s recognize that: (1) coexistence between organic and proprietary GE seeds is unworkable because of numerous social, ecological and legal obstacles, (2) that our domestic and export food aid should support growing organic farmers from the ground-up, and (3) that biotechnology should face comprehensive peer reviewed scrutiny that addresses current and future social and environmental problems, instead of the voluntary industry based reporting currently in place.

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